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Maintain Your Home’s Gutter Systems With A Stylish Copper Conductor Head
It is no secret that in order to effectively protect your property, a properly installed drainage system is absolutely vital. By installing a full drainage system, you are protecting your home from a number of threatening factors. If rain drips down the sides of a home, it can soak the inner walls of your house, causing mold to form. Water can also cause cracks in windows and in the foundation of a building, as well as flood basements. By combining strong gutters, downspouts and conductor heads, you are ensuring that your property is fully protected against the damaging effects of water.
While some people may think that simply galvanizing the material used in their outdoor drainage systems is sufficient, many are unaware that by using copper, they are further preventing their property from damage. When adding conductor heads to a home, copper is by far the most logical material to use. A conductor head is used as a means to gather all the rainwater from all the gutters in one place to effectively remove it from the property.
Therefore, the main threat to a conductor head is blockages. Copper contains algaecide and fungicide; two properties that naturally break down blocking culprits such as moss and dead leaves. In addition, copper is the strongest material available when it comes to withstanding the effects of the harsh Canadian environment. It does not rust and it will not corrode. It can hold up against heavy snowfall and hail, and will also survive toxic rain.  Copper has a lifespan of up to 100 years so your copper conductor heads will not need to be replaced anytime soon after installing them.
Aside from being a practical and functional choice, copper is a material that can be fashioned according to your style preferences. Therefore, you can actually use a copper conductor head to enhance your home’s visual aesthetic, rather then take away from it.  A copper conductor head will gradually mature into a deep green-blue patina that will make a bold and respectable statement. Copper Works Canada provides a wide variety of conductor heads to choose from and can help you find a style that is perfect for your home.
Additionally, copper is a recyclable material. Not only are you selecting the most practical and attractive material for your conductor head, but by choosing copper, you are maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle and can encourage others do to the same. Call Copper Works Canada to find out how they can help you with your drainage system needs.

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